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IIPR Forum of Pain and Rehabilitation
Forum of Pain & Rehab.

IIPR’s quarterly circulation. Providers are encouraged to contribute, share professional knowledge and expertise, or submit educational material such as case report, reviews, brief research report, etc.

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IIPR Professional Arena
professional arena

Providers are encouraged to contribute, share professional knowledge and expertise, exchange and introduce ideas and thoughts, among other providers, for the purpose of learning and advancing pain and rehabilitation care.

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IIPR Community News
community communications

This is a safe space where patients may submit their own questions, comments, and topics for discussion via email. Peer support is highly encouraged and can only prove to be beneficial.

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Welcome to the International Institute of Pain & Rehabilitation Website. I.I.P.R. was founded in 2010 by Xiulu Ruan, MD, in Mobile, AL, USA. IIPR is an independent nonprofit organization serving patients with chronic pain by providing information, education, advocacy, and support. )–IIPR Administration

IIPR’s mission is to promote healing, restore functioning, and improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain, through unified efforts by raising public awareness, providing educational information, promoting clinical research, and advocating to overcome barriers to effective pain management. IIPR believes that timely intervention of painful conditions in conjunction with rehabilitation can positively impact the lives of millions of pain suffers.  IIPR was created to serve millions chronic pain patients and their family members.–IIPR Administration

“Here to help you take an active role in the management of your chronic pain.”–IIPR Administration

Donate and become an I.I.P.R. sponsor by donating and start posting to our Professional Arena and Journal.–IIPR Administration